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New Construction is Different.

No One Understands That Better.

Why? We've Started Two Building Companies.

See the picture of the kitchen on this page?

Scott and Deniene Dailey designed that kitchen.  Amy Kellenberger sold it.  The model is named for Scott and Deniene’s middle son, Dakota.  We could go on, but we hope you get the point:

We understand new construction better than ANY other Real Estate Company.

When you walk into a new home model, think about having us (and our experience) walk with you.

Five Free New Build Tips:

An Experienced Guide

Scott and Deniene Dailey have started two building companies in Delaware.  They are still the owners of Statera Homes.  Amy Kellenberger worked in new home sales for almost 15 years.

This kind of experience can’t be matched by any other agents.

We can represent you through the process of a new home build.  Building new can be exciting, and our experience can take the worry out of the process.

Experience Counts.

The builder’s rep does one thing:  sells new homes dozens of times per year.

Large builders have some of the most sophisticated sales strategies in the business world.

If you are thinking about building a new home at the Delaware beaches, then ask yourself this:

Who is representing you?

We know the business.

Our Fee to You: $0

If you are going to have someone represent you in the Delaware new home buying process, then who is going to pay for that representation?

Builders price Realtor referral fees into the price of their homes. Sunrise’s agents are paid through these referral fees, so the buyer doesn’t see the cost (or the savings when no Realtor is involved).

How can you know that you’re purchasing the best Delaware new home for you?

Contact Sunrise First!

Complete this form, and we will email you our “Five Things You Need to Know About Buying New”.  It contains helpful information, and it will help whether we represent you or not.

Talk to us before you visit a model home. 

It is critical to our ability to represent you.

Sunrise Real Estate has unparalleled experience in new construction at the Delaware beaches.  Put that experience to work for you today.